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상품명 [예약] 팬톤뷰 홈 + 인테리어 VH2024 북 (플라스틱 스탠다드 칩 포함) / VH2024-PSC
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[예약] 팬톤뷰 홈 + 인테리어 VH2024 북 (플라스틱 스탠다드 칩 포함) / VH2024-PSC
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How we live and the concept of “life-style” have each taken on a new meaning. In The Art of Living color forecast for 2024 we dive deep into this new world. A world in which we are more sensitive to how our home and surroundings make us feel, and our emotional connection to objects, both old and new., a world in which we express our values, a world where we cherish the special of the every-day and embrace our creative spirit. The Art of Living encourages and embraces meaningful aspects of life and lifestyle shifts through the lens of directional colors including reviving and replenishing cooling coastal blues, atmospheric purples, warm inviting pigmented earthtones and chalky midtones, to technically enhanced green tones, and surrealist immersive saturated reds and oranges. Join us as we explore this new path forward.

• Bound 9” x 12” softcover book on heavy weight paper stock containing 7 trend palettes each supported with 10 pages of visual imagery, material and product direction and color harmonies.
• Color pages highlighting color direction by color family and key material influences
• Single carousel with a rotating base of 68 plastic chips. for easy color selection and chip replacement Made of Polypropylene, the most referenced plastic material
• Each Chip is 3” x 1.9”, large enough to be measured by a spectrophotometer
• Two tiers of thickness, 1mm and 2mm, allows for accurate color visualization
• Double sided with gloss and matte finishes for accurate color visualization
• Key ring hole in top right corner to allow chips to be organized into palettes
• Each Plastic Chip referenced by PANTONE Color Number and or Name
• 7 trend palettes supported by visual inspiration, written narrative, suggested color harmonies and key design references
• Color combinations illustrate how palette colors can be mixed and proportioned to create the trend mood
• Pivotal design influences are spotlighted, including materiality, form, consumer impact synopsis and a summary of key colors
• Printed color card displays forecasted colors in chromatic arrangement by color family
• CMYK values for each of the 68 forecasted colors
• Use to match to our graphics (PMS) color system, so that you can match plastics to your print & packaging colors
• Use for any product made of colored plastic, including beauty, food & beverage, consumer electronics, hard home, toys, medical devices, and more
• Colors featured in the book, laid-out by color family, provides a quick overview of color and key trend direction by color
• Use for palette development, color communication, and production of plastic products
• Forecasted colors laid-out by color family, provide a quick color overview
• Key color combinations illustrate how palette colors can be mixed and proportioned to create the mood and is one of the great strengths of PANTONEVIEW home + interiors.
• Color, material, texture and pattern direction informs critical surface application, product development, and merchandising choices
• Forecast displayed with PANTONE Colors facilitates color planning using the PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior color language
• CMYK print values for each forecasted color enables color matching for print applications
• Strong visual imagery elevates and aids in the creation of internal story boards and presentations


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